Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas, Part 1

Christmas this year was SO FUN! Emily was old enough to "get it" a little bit, and I loved watching her celebrate all the festivities. We got Emmy a kitchen this year, and here is Matt putting it together. He said I had to document the first of the "toy putting together" experiences.

It makes me laugh because on our first Christmas we were married, we went over to our friends, The Margetts' house, on Christmas Eve to deliver some bread or something to them, and there they were putting together some stuff for their grandkids.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. Allison got some butt-flap footisie pjs.

Emily had fun all month long putting up the little ornaments on the Christmas calender. This is how she arranged them.

We always play a game on Christmas Eve after our soup and breadbowl dinner. We played Trivial Pursuit (boys against girls).

Then we came home and set out the presents.

I didn't get Emily a whole ton of stuff this year since we got her the kitchen, but I saw this little doggie when I was getting some medicine, and I couldn't resist. It reminded me so much of Emmy with its big blue eyes. Emmy has also started calling Matt and I "honey".

Emmy woke up early Christmas morning and wanted to come "sleep" in our bed. She's never done that before, and it lasted about 5 minutes until I asked her if she wanted to go see if Santa had come.

She was so cute opening her stocking. Then she had to look in Zach's stocking. She was much more interested in playing with her bubble bath than opening the other presents.

She finally got around to opening her kitchen, and proceeded to play with it for the next hour before she would think about opening any other presents.

She was cooking up a storm all morning.

When she was done cooking, she opened the rest of her presents (slowly), stopping to play with each one. She got this special sacrament book to help her be reverent during the sacrament at church.

The one thing she asked for Santa to bring her was fruit snacks. Purple ones.

Santa obliged.

She also got some underwear so we can start potty training. (Oh joys.) She thought it was a good idea to put it on her head!

Then she got the right idea!

Zach actually slept in that morning so we could enjoy Christmas with Emmy. I was so grateful because it was so much fun. (Part 2 coming soon)

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