Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Stinker

This little girl can be such a stinker! Yesterday we were at the store and I got her some Teddy Grahams for a snack because she ate all the snacks I brought with me and was acting like she was still hungry. She would not let go of them when we got back to the car and when we were pulling out of the parking lot she dumped out the entire bag all over her lap!

Then she just proceeded to eat them from the pile in her lap all the way home. Also yesterday she was jumping on our bed and faceplanting into the pillows and laughing hysterically. She also found one of Matt's old student ID cards and was carrying it around saying "Daddy, Daddy!" and giving it kisses. She has also started crawling up into my lap, settling on in, and saying "gook, gook!" which means book. And then she wants me to read her 20 books. And the other day the neighbors had their slip-n-slide out and Em went on over and made herself right at home. She wanted to slide down over and over and splash in the little pool at the bottom all day long. In her clothes. She may be a stinker but she is a crack up.

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