Thursday, September 15, 2011


This week we decided to escape for a couple of days up to the cabin to spend some time together as a little family before our lives get crazy here for the next couple of months with Matt finishing his thesis, starting work, us finding a new place to live, and moving. Anyway, we had a great time up in the mountains.

Emily loves to swing!

She loved playing in the dirt and finding rocks.

And she loved playing with all the "new" toys that are up at the cabin.

We even went on a few 4-wheeler rides down to the lake.

She loved to smell eat the wildflowers. This was funny to me because when I was little, my cousin and I used to gather wildflowers, put them in a paper cup, walk up to the little stream and put water in it, call it flower salad, and make my grandpa eat it. And he did too!

One of the big reasons we went was to do this...

Ever since Matt took the GRE and started grad school, he has wanted to burn that GRE prep book. He took great pleasure in ripping it apart and using it as kindling. :)

I am so very proud of him. He has worked so hard in grad school these past two years. Although he's not quite done, he is so close. He's finished all of his classes, done a huge research project, and written his thesis. Now he just has to get his thesis approved, defend it, and make the recommended revisions. It will be nice to have this stage of life over with. Ever since we got married, one or both of us has been in grad school.

Anyway, we also tryed roasting some pineapple over the fire. It was really tasty!

It was really cold up there, which I wasn't expecting so we had to layer Emmy up in almost all the clothes we brought for her. So we didn't get much sleep because we were worried about Emmy being too cold. But it was a really nice getaway. And hopefully we can remember to relax a little during the next few crazy months!

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