Monday, September 26, 2011


It has been a crazy couple of weeks over here. Matt started his new job last week. It's in Salt Lake so he has been commuting and it has been crazy! The way up isn't too bad, but to get home it takes him forever! So he leaves early in the a.m. doesn't get home til late. Poor Emmy hardly gets to see her daddy anymore. She wanders around the house looking for "Daddy, Daddy". It's so sad.

So we decided that we needed to move ASAP. So I've been busy looking for a place and packing. We finally decided on just renting an apartment in West Jordan for a few months while we look for a house and figure out exactly where we want to be more permanately.

It's kind of ironic because we will be moving into the same apartments that I lived in right before we got married. I never thought I'd be moving back there! We are not very excited about going back to apartment'll be tough trying to condense back into a small apartment after having so much space in our place here in Springville. But it'll be worth it for Matt not to be stuck on the freeway in the dumb construction for 3 hours a day. And it'll just be for a few months.

So I've been dividing everything into "storage" vs. "apartment" as I've been packing. We are moving on Oct. 8, so that gives me less than 2 weeks to get everything ready. Crazy!

As for his thesis, he just has a few more revisions to make and then he can hopefully defend it and be DONE! I am so proud of him. It ended up being about 130 pages. Holy cow! I have never written a paper that long and I am the writer in this family!

And football season has started, which means that Matt wants Emily to wear this every Saturday...

But as you can see, she is clearly much happier wearing this....

Too bad they stink. :( Anyway, it'll probably just get crazier with our move and house hunting but we are hanging in there. And the best part is that we are not poor grad students anymore!!!!

P.S. Emily is still not walking any better. :( That video was the best she'll do. She will only take 2-3 steps and that's only if you coax her. The little silly is such a chicken.


Mystique Shepherd said...

If you need any help or boxes let me know, I'm available everyday until 2 :)

Danielle said...

Exciting business! Don't hate me, but I'm liking the Utes outfit better! haha. :) She's so darn cute thought that she can even rock the BYU one.
So do you guys know where you want to live? There is a house for sale in our neighborhood. We LOVE it over here.
Did you ever give Darren Mansell a call? I told him you might. :) Good luck.

Kristen Brady said...

I'm sorry I never got back to you about the townhouse in West Jordan. There are renters in there right now with a year lease, so it isn't available. I meant to tell you, but somehow having two kids makes my brain non-existent! :)

Good luck - so excited for you guys and this new phase in life. By the way, where is Matt working now?

Christy said...

Danielle, no we haven't called him yet, we are waiting to move first because we don't have a ton of extra time right now with commuting and packing. We are still deciding where we want to live.

Kristen, No worries! Matt is working at GE-Energy.