Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emmy's words

Our silly little Emmy LOVES to read. She will sit on my lap for 8 books straight. I swear we read at least 10 books a day, most of them at least twice. Every time she sees a book, she points to it and yells, "gook!" Just yesterday I found her sitting on the floor pouring through a magazine. She is saying lots of words. It's so cute! Although some of them don't exactly sound like what they are supposed to, but they are consistent. So far she can say...

-doggie (doddy)
-mommy (nonny)
-book (gook)
-fish (ish)
-milk (gick)
-Nala (from the Lion King) (naya)
-koala (also sounds like naya)
-walk (awk)
-banana (nana) (she always yells out "nana!" when we pass the bananas in the store.)
-toes (es)
-snack (nack)
-cracker (cack)
-yuck (guck)
-trunk (uck)
-splash (ash)
-uh-oh (uh-ee)

It is fun to watch her learn and start to understand things. For example, if I say, "It's time for a bath" she will go up the stairs and into the bathroom. Or she will crawl up to the exercise ball and start bouncing up and down. Or she will say "eeeeee!" (whee!) when she sees the swings. She will also hide behind things and pop out to play peek-a-boo. It's hilarious! She knows the names of all her toys, and she will follow simple commands, like "Go find your Minnie Mouse". She is still not walking, although she seems to be showing a teeny bit more interest. She will push her little stroller around and walk if you are holding onto her arms, but the second you let go, she gets down and crawls. Anyway, it is fun. And she's so stinkin' cute.


audrey said...

Hey, we have that same book! Emily is getting so big! How fun to see the things she's learning!

Cheryl said...

Wow! That's quite the list! And I agree, it really is a fun stage when they start to understand things and can kind of communicate. She is darling!