Wednesday, August 24, 2011

White trash fun

Last weekend we went to the demolition derby with Matt's mom and sister. It was lots of fun!

We wore our cowboy hats, ate some fair food, sat next to a lady with a femullet, cheered for a guy named Gus, saw a fire and a few rollovers and a couple of drivers get so mad that they threw things, and had a grand ole time.

The derby was part of the Utah County Fair, and I took Emmy to see the animals and she loved it!


Britni said...

How on earth did you get Matt to wear a cowboy hat is what I would like to know? ; )

Christy said...

It was Grandpa Charlie's. He wanted to wear it. :)

Britni said...

I thought maybe it was. : )

Lisa Heinrichs said...

Looks like you had fun!!!!! when I first read this title I thought you were going to post about our very own white trash neighbors and I must confess I may or may not have gotten really excited!!!!