Monday, August 15, 2011

Tour of Utah

Last week the Tour of Utah professional bike race came through Springville. Only 2 blocks from our house! So Em and I walked down to the corner to watch the riders come through. Here we are waiting for them to come.

It was really fun to watch the preparations. Here are some people sweeping the debris off the street. They also had some people out stopping traffic. There were some cars and police that would drive by first and they were throwing out prizes to the spectators.

Some of the other spectators were writing messages to the riders with chalk.

And here they come!

And there they go!

After they went by, a huge long caravan of team cars came by. It was really fun to watch and fun that it was so close!

Poor Matt was stuck in a meeting at school so he wasn't able to join in the fun. :(

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