Monday, August 15, 2011


Today we were able to go to Seven Peaks with Scott, Mystie and Rivers. It was fun! Emily loves going there. Anyway, this is how I kept them both in the same place while Scott and Mystie did some of the slides. Treats! (This was necessary after they kept wandering off in opposite directions at the kiddie pool.) I don't think I could do twins.

We were also able to go with Britni, Kyle and Derek last week, but I unfortunately did not get any pictures of that. I hope that Emily likes playing with her cousins!

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Mystique Shepherd said...

Thanks again for coming with us, you turned out to be a life saver, seriously! We had so much fun, and Scott got so sunburnt! BTW I want to get the recipe for the pizza Emily had for lunch, Rivers loved it, and didn't throw it all up later. Plus, who doens't love pizza and swimming right :)