Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is how we roll

We went to Jamba Juice this weekend, and I just thought this was so cute.

Emmy loved her Jamba! She has recently discovered the stairs and so we spend a good chunk of our days going up and down the stairs. She absolutely LOVES climbing the stairs and will often clap for herself once she reaches the top. It is hilarious. Also, when she is about to go up the stairs, she will peek around the corner and give me a mischievous little smile. Most of the time she will wait for me to come go up with her, but if I take too long, she will just go by herself. Yikes!

She loves to point at my teeth. And my nose. She thinks it's funny.

We took Emmy to the cemetery for Memorial Day, and it was freezing! And I think she was a little bit scared by a big gust of wind. But we had a nice little visit anyway. Even if it was short. This was the first Memorial Day that I have not been on vacation in a very long time. :( But it was nice to spend the day with Matt and Emmy.

She loves to give kisses to her books and stuffed animals. And her mom and dad. Usually it's better than this, but at least we got it on the video. :)

And she has turned into quite the little chatterbox. I love to hear her jabber away!

We also both spoke in church on Sunday. I actually enjoy speaking in church and I hardly ever get the opportunity, so it was fun. It was interesting since we had to switch off sitting with Emmy. But we just sat in the front row instead of on the stand, so it worked out pretty well.

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