Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kentucky Derby

We had our annual Kentucky Derby party this week. Since my friend Anne moved to Arizona, and she is the one who introduced us all to the Derby, we had to wait a few days to watch it until her finals were over and she could come back to celebrate. It just wouldn't be a Derby Party without Anne!

Anyway, we made the traditional browns, benedictine, and mint julep. We did not make Derby pie though because of my no sugar thing. It was all delicious! Here is Anne showing off her new mint julep cup!

She said the julep tasted much better in that cup! None of us picked any of the winners. We even said that Animal Kingdom would never win because his jockey was injured. We decided that next year we are going to have to do something extra special for the Derby because we were there visiting all those farms in 2009, so in 2012, those baby horses we saw will be 3 and eligible to race in the Derby. We possibly could have seen the 2012 winner in its first few days. Anyway, it was another great Derby party!

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