Monday, May 9, 2011

Goldilocks Bike Race

On Saturday, I did the Goldilocks Bike Race. It is a women's cycling thing in Herriman. I did the 60-mile distance. It was totally different than any other race I've ever done. There was no start or finish line, no time clock, nobody along the course cheering, very little support along the route, and the roads were not blocked off so we had to ride with traffic and stop at lights and stuff. Weird. But it was totally cute. They had fun signs and a catered lunch and really cute shirts. And the volunteers wore Mama and Papa Bear shirts, which I thought was great. It was fun though.

Here I am at the start getting ready to go. It was really windy, but other than that, the day was perfect for a bike race.

My sister-in-law, Britni, did the 40-mile distance so we rode together for a lot of the first part. Although she would pass me on the downhill parts and then I would pass her on the uphill parts. (I get nervous going downhill, so I go really slow.) It was fun to ride with her.

Here's Em chillin' in her stroller seeing us off. It took me a little over 5 hours to do the 60 miles. I wasn't riding that entire time though. They had some rest stops along the route, where I took a couple of breaks during the ride.

The last 8 miles or so were pretty tough. But I made it, and here I am at the finish.

Em was being such a ham. She was waving to everyone. That was the longest distance I have ever ridden on my bike. My bike computer actually said I went 63 miles. I am surprisingly not very sore at all. But I did get a pretty nasty sunburn just below my short line. Anyway, it was fun!

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