Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Festivities

We had a wonderful Christmas. I only took pictures of Christmas morning though. Oops! On Christmas Eve, we spent the morning watching the snow fall at our house and wrapping gifts. We also watched Mickey's Christmas Carol and opened our gifts from each other before heading off to visit our families.

Then we headed over to Grandma Lively's house and had a good visit with her. After that we stopped at my Grandma Brady's house for dinner with my mom's side. In my family we have a tradition to have soup and bread bowls for dinner on Christmas Eve. I love it! We make like 4 different kinds of homemade soup and it's so yummy. Matt is not the biggest fan of soup though, so we might have to create a new tradition when we are not with either family for Christmas Eve. Maybe fondue. I love fondue!

Anyway, after dinner we headed over to Matt's parents' house and watched their traditional Christmas Eve movies of Mr. Kruger's Christmas and Nora's Christmas.

And we played Settlers til like 1 a.m. We slept over at the Lively's and got up on Christmas morning and had some yummy cinnamon rolls. One thing that I really liked is that Santa left all the presents under the tree and we all took turns opening them. At my house it's kind of like a mad dash for your pile. I liked being able to see what everyone else got.

We hung around Matt's parents' house all morning and had a fun time. Then in the afternoon we went over to my parents' house for the rest of the day. We exchanged gifts and played games and had dinner. Matt got Nathan the most hilarious game. It's the missionary version of Settlers. You build ward houses and gain converts. We about died when we saw it in the store.

It was a great Christmas.

Ever since I got married, Santa seems to like giving me a bag of chocolate chips in my stocking.

Melissa and I got these cute hats. We got a lot of great gifts.

On the day after Christmas we had the annual party at my Grandma Shepherd's house with all the extended family on my dad's side. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we got to see most everyone. I love Christmas!

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Lively's said...

Hah! We have soup bowls at my moms too! Aaron wasn't a fan either...! Crazy! My friends have a fondue dinner Christmas eve and I told her I want to go that too so it's funny you mentioned fondue! : )

thanks for the present btw! It was a game right? You'll have to teach us how to play it!