Sunday, December 13, 2009


I just wanted to say that I love all of our family members so much and I would love to spend Christmas with all of them if we could. We are part of seven families that are all doing stuff for Christmas that we want to be a part of. Yes, seven. (Our own family, my family, Matt's family, my mom's side, my dad's side, Matt's mom's side and Matt's dad's side.) I love them all so much and I love being with all of them. I just don't know how to be in seven places in one day.

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Kristen said...

Here's my thoughts (sorry I didn't give them before!) - the most important family now is You and Matt! Figure out what traditions you want to have together and then work out from there. Shawn and I are focusing on our family and the traditions we'd like to have together - and when we express that to everyone else, they can't really argue with it - they were once in this situation as well (even if they have a hard time admitting it), and they should understand, whatever you decide. Just make sure that you and Matt make the decisions together and that you put your immediate family first always!