Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I just heard a lecture that quoted Ronald Reagan as saying his biggest regret was signing the Family Law Act when he was the governor of California, which basically said that no-fault divorce was now ok.

Even he realizes the importance of the family.

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The Pen Pal said...

You likely misunderstood the lecturer or the lecturer has his facts incorrect.

What you quote RR saying never happened. It is a statement attributed to his adopted son Michael who wrote in his book (in 2005 mind you, after RR had passed and could not defend that statement) "Twice Adopted".

Michael "Let's-Make-A-Quick-Buck" Reagan has always claimed the issue of divorce as being caustic to his upbringing, even though Jane Wyman and RR divorced when Michael was a primitively cognisant three years of age.

He was so incorrigible as a young child that Wyman was forced to send their adoptee to boarding school at six years of age.

BTW, RR never abandoned his adopted son Michael nor his daughter Maureen.

Michael likes to wave that divorce cross because his livelyhood is limited as a "social commentator" and being a two time college drop-out.

Mind you, Michael himself has also resorted to divorce and benefited from his father's legislation!