Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving wrap-up

So we are totally lame and didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving. We got up early to run our (my) traditional Turkey Trot 5K race. It was raining, but it was fun. Then Matt went to go play in the turkey bowl.

I spent most of the day cooking. I made a cherry pie that exploded in the oven. (I do have a picture of this! I will have to find it and post it.) I made rolls that didn't raise. I made layered jello, which turned out pretty well. It was mostly a cooking disaster! But at least I tried to be domestic.

We went to Grandma Lively's for Thanksgiving dinner. And it was divine. Matt has been raving about his grandma's stuffing for months now, and it really was quite tasty! We just had a good time with family. It was a little weird for me because there were only 7 people there (and 4 dogs). I am used to having at least 25-30 people for Thanksgiving. But it was a lot of fun.

Later on in the evening, we went to my family's house to play games. Matt got into a long game of Risk with my brothers and cousins, and I played Settlers with my parents and uncle. It was lots of fun. Mostly it was just nice to have a break. The rest of the weekend we pretty much just lounged around. We put up our Christmas decorations. And I saw Twilight. It was ok. And we went to dinner with my old roommate, Shannon from Georgia who was in town for the weekend. So fun to see her! And meet her husband who is from Argentina.

And's time for Christmas!!!! 24 days left! Woo-hoo! I love Christmastime. And, here's a funny story. So in my last post, I said that I wasn't a fan of black and brown together in clothing. Well, I just remembered that I have an adorable swimsuit that has both black and brown on it. Hee hee! So maybe I need to post a retraction. Or maybe not. We still need to get a picture of Matt's outfit that didn't match. But I do agree that you can wear brown pants with black shoes. Maybe Matt's outfit would have been ok if he'd worn a black belt and black shoes with the black shirt and brown pants.

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