Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Christmas Tree Adventure

The other night we went to go get our Christmas tree. We found the perfect little tree, we bought it and took it out to the car to take it home. Well, the guy who worked there (it was his second day on the job) obviously did not know how to properly tie a Christmas tree to the top of a car. He tied it on very loosely and even though Matt was driving very slowly, the tree started sliding backwards.

Well, we were not about to lose our most perfect tree, so we did the most logical thing. Matt opened the sunroof of the car, and I stuck my hands out the top and held on to the tree for dear life. Matt decided he needed to help me, so he drove with one hand and held on to the tree out the sunroof with the other hand.

I had gloves on, but the space between my gloves and my coat sleeve were freezing! And Matt didn't have gloves on, and by the time we got home, he couldn't move his fingers. So here we are driving down the street holding our Christmas tree onto the roof out of the sunroof. And of course we were laughing hysterically the whole way. It was quite the sight. But at least we got our Christmas tree home safe and sound.


Heather said...

What a FUN first Christmas story to tell in the years to come...FUNNY! We actually lost ours one year trying to get rid of it...Bryan just picked it up and carried it to a dumpster....LOL

Leserlee said...

I'm so glad I have a fake tree. It makes things so much easier.

garrett said...

I can totally picture the two of you doing that... awesome. Can't wait to see what your tree looks like!

Kristen said...

The things we do for the perfect Christmas tree!

beccalouise said...

(I love your blog)
That's funny! Are you going to post a picture of it all decorated? :0)