Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I love to see the temple

Last night for FHE, we went to Temple Square to see the lights. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

It was very cold. But we had a lot of fun.

Matt especially loved the orange lights.

And I liked the pink ones. And they had this new display of Mary and Joseph that was on top of the reflection pond. I absolutely loved it!

Hurray for the temple lights!


The Graham Family! said...

Ahh. I love temple square. I haven't gone up there to just walk around in forever. And the horse on the balcony.. what the heck?? That's hilarious. Strange people out there!! But I'm glad there are strange people to entertain us!

Leserlee said...

Abigail thinks it's a castle. We are working on learning that it's a temple. She's starting to understand. I love the luminaries by the Church Office Building. And the glass bubbles in the water. Those are my favorite parts.