Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas this year was so fun. We had four different Christmases. We started out on Christmas Eve at our apartment, where we exchanged gifts from each other. Here I am getting ready to open the first gift.

Here is Matt opening his first gift. Then we went over to Matt's parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner and his family tradition of watching Nora's Christmas and Muppets Christmas Carol. We also all got pj pants.

Kyle was so cute...he just wanted to open all the presents under the tree. He kept getting them out and bringing them to us.
We got him this little guitar. He was just so excited to actually be able to open a present.

Then we went over to my family's house to spend the night. We played our usual Christmas Eve game, but we decided against playing the traditional Risk because it was already so late. So we played Battle of the Sexes instead. All of my siblings came home and slept over so it was fun to have everyone together again.

Here we are on Christmas morning tearing into the gifts! Laurie woke us all up at 6 a.m.

Allison got this cool Disney Princess blanket that had a crown that lights up. She proudly wore it all day.

Matt got a giant tub of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Here we are with our cute cute stockings.

Matt found a pear in his stocking! It was hilarious! We always get a piece of fruit in our stockings, and Matt got a pear because he always makes fun of our pear pie! I got a caramel apple in my stocking. Mmmm.

Here we are sitting in all the wrapping paper and stuff after all the presents were opened.

Matt also got a roll of cookie dough in his stocking. He loves cookies and I rarely make them, so he got some cookie dough. The funny thing is that I got some chocolate chips in my stocking as a hint that I should make cookies. Ha!

Laurie gets this giant peanut butter pie every year.

After we had breakfast at my family's house, we headed down to Spanish Fork to my grandma's. All the cousins come over on Christmas and we have a cousin gift exchange. My cousin gave us a lovely six pack for our gift! Ha ha!

He put a note on it that said, "Make sure to drink responsibly or don't drink at all." Don't worry, the bottles were empty. And it had a gift card in it.

Scott and Mystie weren't there so Michael decided to open their gift to see what it was. Here he is carefully slitting the tape.

After that we headed to Lehi to Matt's grandma's house for dinner and more presents. Here I am concentrating on opening my gift from Grandma Lively. Apparently I stick my tongue out when I am concentrating.

We had lots of fun and got some awesome presents! We even got this cool House Divided hot chocolate mug.

We got snowed in at Grandma Lively's that night, so we didn't make it back to our apartment til the next day. But we had a super Christmas. Here I am enjoying our new indoor bike trainer.

It was such a fun Christmas, and I'm glad we got to spend time with each other and with our familys. Merry Christmas to everyone!


The Davis Family said...

Did Skyler have your name????? HA HA! I wish we could have made it to the party.... we also got snowed in on Christmas...except it was in a hotel in the middle of no-where!!

Christy said...

Yeah the beer was from Skyler. What a dork!

Lively's said...

That was a cute picture of Kyle!Thanks for the gift that was thoughtful of you to buy him a gift! It was a crazy Christmas! Anyhoo what is peanut butter Pie? I might still some of you photos for my blog hope you don't mind!

Christy said...

A peanut butter pie is like a giant Reeses, only more gourmet and huge! She gets it every year.