Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trying to be more positive

It's been almost 2 months since we moved here. It's been really hard and lots of bad things have happened to us. I frequently wish that we wouldn't have had to move or that we could go back. But despite the rough time, there have been some good things that have happened that I want to remember...

-when we first got here the bishop and EQ president brought over mattresses, blankets, table and chairs, and a few other things to help us get by until our stuff came.

-a guy in our ward spent a lot of time hooking up the electricity for our dryer since it didn't have electric hookups.

-a couple of families in the ward have invited us over for dinner.

-someone in the ward came over to drop by a treat for my birthday. That really meant a lot that someone here even knew it was my birthday.

-our last electric bill was $6. And we had the air running all month. Love the solar panels!

-we were able to get Disneyland annual passes. I am so excited about this!

-the beach! We've gone to the beach more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 10 years. I love the beach.

-I actually get stuff besides bills and ads in the mail.

-Emily has become more outgoing and brave. She asks when she can play with other kids and she wanted to go give pictures to all the kids in her Primary class and to all the neighbors. She is excited about going to swimming lessons and to kindergarten. It's nice not having to force her to do these things.

-The sunsets here are beautiful. And the palm trees.

-I'm finally going to get to run a Disney race. And I actually started running again.

-We've finally gotten in the habit of doing family scripture study and prayer.

-The fruit here is delicious. And the citrus groves are beautiful.

-We get to have the missionaries over for dinner. I'm excited for my kids to be able to see missionaries on a regular basis.

Here's hoping for more good things!

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