Thursday, June 25, 2015

Birthday weekend

A few months ago I won a free night's hotel stay in San Diego, so we decided to use it for my birthday weekend. Matt had to work on my actual birthday, so I took the kids back to Disneyland with our annual passes. We only stayed for 4.5 hours, and it was great! It was super crowded though, and there was a SoCal grad night going on, but it was still fun. I made sure to get my birthday button and a Dole Whip! It was fun to have my birthday at Disneyland. Even if I was by myself.
After Matt got off work, we went to dinner at the Claimjumper, which used to be one of our favorite Cali restaurants, but it has changed and wasn't all that impressive. Then we drove down to San Diego. The hotel I won was not the greatest of hotels and it was gay weekend or something because we were the only family in that hotel amongst a lot of same-sex couples. I'm fine being around gay people, but I prefer not to be around big pride gatherings like that, and it was just weird to be the only family there. The kids were not behaving and we didn't sleep well at all that night.

We almost turned around and went back home. But we stuck it out and went to the Mormon Battalion visitors center the next day. It's pretty fun, they have a really cool, interactive tour and at the end you get to do all sorts of fun stuff like take an old picture and pan for gold.
Emily loved panning for gold. She seriously asks if we can go back every other day. Zach just liked throwing rocks in the water and dumping water on himself.

We also went to the Point Loma tidepools. We didn't see much in the way of tidepools but the location itself was absolutely gorgeous. Emmy fell in the water, and didn't like it after that. But really, it was amazing.

The breakfast at our hotel was on the roof with a view out to the ocean. That was pretty cool.

We also ate Mexican food in Old Town before heading back home. Zach was a stinker and had to be taken out of the restaurant before we were done. And he was a stinker at the Battalion. And at the tide pools. And pretty much the whole time.

We are trying to get out and explore what SoCal has to offer and have fun during our time here! Hopefully the kids will be better behaved on our next exploration.

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