Monday, November 17, 2014

We finally got Emmy to play soccer

We finally got Emmy to play soccer without one of us holding her hand! The secret? We invited Rivers to come. Rivers had no problem going out there by himself and so Emmy just followed him. They didn't actually do much playing of soccer, but they had a great time running around on the field.

Rivers came to a couple of practices and games and then the last week of the season he didn't come and Emmy went out and played. By herself! And she did great! Yes, she is wearing butterfly wings. It was "costume day" and they told the kids they could wear their Halloween costumes if they wanted. So Emmy picked these wings to wear.

I was so proud of her. She played the whole game!

And I probably will never sign her up for soccer again. It was a long season. But I'm glad she finally played the last few times!

And...funny random fact...Emmy's coach was one of Scott's good friends from high school. And the coach's wife has a sister that lives in Jacksonville and I was able to connect with her and find out some really good info about Florida. So there were probably lots of reasons why Emmy played soccer this year even if she didn't really love it.

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