Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daisy the Dog

Emmy's preschool has a "class pet" It's a stuffed dog named Daisy. Emmy was beyond excited when it was her turn to bring Daisy home to take care of her.

She showed her all the toys.

Played with her in the hammock.

And the leaves.

And the slide.

Helped her climb a tree.

And danced around the yard with her.

She REALLY loved having Daisy here for the week.

Miss Heather's preschool is so cute. They made these cute little pies one day when they were learning about the letter P.

And they had college team day. I held up both her U and Y shirts fairly for her to choose which one she wanted to wear. She made her momma proud by choosing this one.

Emmy is loving preschool so much, and that makes me so happy. In fact, we've been talking about the possibility of us moving and Emmy said, "Well can we move closer to Miss Heather's house so I can still go to preschool?" This was so sad and funny at the same time. (Miss Heather lives 5 houses away from us.)

Here is the page Emmy made that told all about her adventures with Daisy the Dog.

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