Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wheeler Farm

The other day I packed the kids up and took them to Wheeler Farm. We had a great time. Emily LOVES going to the farm!

Please ignore the 90s pants. They are not supposed to be one up/one down like that.

What a cheeser! The bunnies are her favorite. In fact, in her prayers one night she said she was thankful for her many bunnies. Ha!

Then we had a picnic at the park next to the farm. Emily actually sat at the table and ate all of her lunch. That is a miracle! Maybe we should go on picnics more often so she'll eat her lunch!

The geese were hovering trying to get a bite of Emmy's sandwich but she successfully kept it away from them.

Zach hung out in the stroller having a grand ole time.

I sure do love these little stinkers cuties.

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