Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just some stuff

We haven't really had a whole ton going on around here to document. We've been working on our yard and doing little things here and there. Here's a few pics of some of those "little things"...

Emmy sometimes likes to "read" to Zach. It's pretty adorable. She also likes to give him toys to play with. Then take them away. Then give him another.

We ran out of dishwasher soap so what did Matt do? Put in the liquid stuff. I warned him that this would happen, but he didn't believe me and ran the dishwasher anyway. Yeah, we had suds all over the floor!

Emmy has him wrapped around her little finger. Here he is cutting up her cereal for her. I am not that nice.

We have had lots of bedtime battles lately with Emily. When we were potty training her, I told her she could come out of her room during naps and at night if she needed to go potty. So she started saying she needed to go potty every 5 minutes! And she would not go to bed at night. Then she was refusing to sleep in her bed and wanted to sleep on the floor.

After 2 weeks of terror and her coming out of her room for 2 hours, we had tried everything we could think of. Finally we made her a bedtime chart that has pictures of all the bedtime rules (jammies, brush teeth, turn out the light, get into bed, close eyes, etc.) She gets a star if she does all the things on it and then a prize. It has mostly worked, but we still have our struggles. And she still stalls. Big time. Ugh!

Zach has gotten fussy again and will cry for hours during the night and wants to be held all day. Double ugh! Maybe he's teething? I just want this little smile back....

And he spit up in Emily's shoe at Hope's funeral. Emmy had a cow. It was not fun to be the one with the screaming child during a funeral. But they are mostly fun, and I am enjoying these little moments with them. (The ones that don't involve spit up and screaming!)

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