Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 Months

Guess who's 7 months old today? This guy...

At 7 months, Zach...

-can sit up for several seconds unsupported
-is learning to drink from a sippy cup
-loves baby food
-still can't roll over from back to tummy
-loves to watch his sister
-plays intently with his toys and likes to grab for EVERYTHING!
-STILL is not sleeping through the night. Ugh! (He seriously cried from 1-3 a.m. several nights this week.)
-has a stinkin' cute laugh and smile
-likes to suck on his bottom lip
-is always kicking his legs
-won't take a bottle
-loves to be held and loves attention
-still spits up a bunch
-likes his dangly toys and exersaucer
-likes to grab my face
-likes his binkie
-is better at taking naps
-loves his mommy and gets nervous when I leave
-is really hands were getting callouses from lugging him around in his carseat. So the carseat doesn't come out of the car anymore.

We love you Zach! (And hope you learn to sleep real soon.)

Emmy likes to "help" feed Zach!

1 comment:

Kristen Brady said...

1. Zach is ADORABLE!
2. It's so hard when they don't sleep!
3. I feel your pain about the spitting up - both of mine were spitters for almost the entire first year of their lives - heavy duty spitting too!
4. I can't wait until we move back to Utah so our kids can start playing together more regularly!