Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zach's Newborn Pics

I finally got around to getting Zach's newborn pictures done.  Here's some of my favorites of the handsome little guy.

He is 5 weeks old in these pictures.

This is the poor little face I often see. It just seems like he's in pain, grunting and twisting all over. Poor little guy. I hope he gets over his gassy issues SOON!

So when I was at the JCPenny getting his pictures done, the lady in front of me had an extra gift card that she gave me. So the pics ended up being FREE! What a Thanksgiving blessing. It totally made my day. Thank you, random lady!

And just for fun, here are pics of Zach and Emmy at around the same age.

At one month old, Zach spits up a lot, grunts a lot, gets up at least twice in the night, seems to have a lot of gassy pains, likes to be on his tummy, loves to be held, and he even rolled over yesterday. He is a pretty cute little fellow. We love you, Zach, and are glad you are in our family.

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audrey said...

He is so handsome! And Zach and Emily definitely look like siblings :). You have such a cute family!