Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Snow Day

We had our first snow a couple of weeks ago. When we opened Emmy's curtains to show her it had snowed, she exclaimed, "What is that?" We told her it was snow, and then she said, "There's snow on the grass, and the trees, and the dirt!" Then she went and looked out the back window and said, "There's snow on the swing! And the slide!"

It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. She was so enchanted by the snow. And of course she had to go play in it. Here she is taking her first steps into the snow.

Then she wanted to touch it.

And eat it.

Then every morning since then she has to look out the window when she wakes up to see if there's any more snow.

And here she is just being silly dancing around in her tutu and jammies!

Lately she's whenever she hears kids outside, she wants to go sit on the porch and, "wait for her friends to come." It's so funny. She loves to sit and watch the kids, and loves it when they come over, but she is super shy and won't go over and play with them. I love how magical she thinks everything is. It makes life so much fun to see her eyes light up over things like snow and friends.

Here she is enjoying the snow!

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