Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Sister

Emmy was so cute when she came to see her new baby brother at the hospital for the first time. She came running through the door saying, "Where's Mommy?" She got right on up for a closer look.

She wanted to hold his hand.

And then she found some cookies, and was uninterested in baby brother after that.

She was so funny. She called the hospital the "hostable" and after we got home, I asked her where Baby Zach came from and she said, "the hostable". She was also very intrigued by the elevator (the alligator) and the nurse (the moose). She loved looking out the big window of my room at the horses and cars.

The next day, she wanted to hold him, and it was super cute. She was pointing out his chin, eyes, ears, etc.

And she wanted to give him a hug.

The first couple of weeks were REALLY rough. Emmy was being a holy terror. She liked Zach, but she wasn't so sure of the situation. She was ornery and bossy and whiny ALL THE TIME! She has gotten a lot better, thank goodness.

She is such a good helper. She is always getting him diapers or toys or his burp cloths or whatever. And when he cries, she says things like, "Mommy go get him." or "He needs his binky so he don't cry." or "Should we put him in his swing?" It's really cute.

She has said the funniest things lately. Like...

Matt: "Where's Mommy?"
Emily: "In Baby Zach's computer room." (We still have the computer in his room.)

Emily: "I need another kiss."
Me: "I just gave you one."
Emily: "But I took it off already."

Emily: "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy's at work."
Emily: "Emmy needs to go to work with Daddy."

Me: "Time for scriptures."
Emily: "Read about Alma?"

Emily: "Emmy's going to go to the cabin tomorrow with Grandma and Grandpa."

Emily: "That's a chocolate one!" (In reference to the black deacon passing the sacrament at church. I hope it wasn't offensive.)

Whenever I tell her she can't do/have something, she says, "Emmy can have it when daddy gets home."

When some kids were getting taken out of church, Emmy said, "They're going to get their bums changed!" 

What a little stinker/cutie! I love my Emmy girl.

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