Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat

Halloween this year was so fun! Even though I was still in quite a bit of pain, I did not want to miss celebrating with my Emmy girl. We went to a special Halloween storytime at the library, and trick-or-treated around the library in the morning. My mom was nice enough to come watch Zach so I could have some one-on-one time with Emmy.

We also went to our ward Halloween party/chili cook-off the weekend before Halloween. Emmy ate a cupcake, some fruit, and some candy for dinner. What a stinker! They had pumpkin bowling and some other games where the kids could get tickets to redeem for prizes.

Emmy's costume was so cute. She was a little dalmation.

Zach was also a dalmation.

And I was Cruella Deville, of course!

Matt was Horace, the dog catcher. On the way down the driveway to go trick-or-treating, Emmy had a fit because Zach was riding in her orange stroller. So we sat her on the front edge of the stroller. She was ok with that for awhile, until her foot got stuck in the wheel. Oops! I guess we really should get a double stroller.

My aunt Loretta made Emmy this cute trick or treat bag. Emmy was so excited to go trick or treating. She would march right on up the steps so confidently and then whisper trick or treat so softly that you could barely hear it.

She loved getting candies in her bag.

In fact, a few days later I told her we were going to go on a little walk to the neighbor's house. (I had to return some dishes from a meal they had brought over.) And Emmy said, "And get some candies at the neighbor's!" Ha! Then when they weren't home, she said, "Let's try the next house!" and kept trying to go knock on all the neighbors' doors in hopes that they would give her some candies. What a silly!

There is a house in our neighborhood that gets all decked out for Halloween. I wish I would have gotten a better picture. They had a graveyard, flying ghosts, a bunch of skeletons, etc. There were spooky noises coming from the house at all hours of the day. To trick or treat there you had to walk through a big maze in their front yard. There was fog and fires and even lights on the lawn that looked like spiders crawling across the lawn. Then you got to the house and went inside the entryway, and the inside was just as decked out!

After hitting our street, my dad called and wanted Emmy to come trick or treat at their house, so we went over there. Then Matt thought we'd better go to the other grandparents' house too. We ended up being out a lot later than I anticipated, and poor Zach was starving! But it was a fun Halloween, and I'm glad Emmy had such a fun time!

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audrey said...

You guys are so creative with your costumes! I love it. And CONGRATS on baby Zach, by the way. I don't know if I ever said that? If I did, you just get two congrats from me, haha. I'm so happy for you Christy and your cute family!