Friday, March 25, 2011


56. That's how many articles I have written since I started working at home. Plus I have done 2 huge online projects. Most of my articles are just short, little articles for Some are kind of boring, and others have been fun. The assignments for ehow are based on what people are searching for online, and have to be pretty general and straightforward. Here are a few articles I have written: "LDS Dating Tips", "How to Make a Chinese Dragon", "The Best Practices for Creating Website Roadmaps."

Anyway, let's just say that some assignments are more enjoyable to write than others, and sometimes it's a struggle to find titles I am at least somewhat interested in writing. It always makes me laugh (and sometimes roll my eyes) to see what people are searching for. I prefer to write the longer features that can actually have some personality and depth. But it's a lot harder to get those assignments. But even though some of my assignments are boring, they do help pay the bills and let me stay home with Em, so I can't complain.

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