Thursday, February 24, 2011


My sister and I took Emily to the zoo this week. We were going to meet up with my brother and his family too, but our timing was about an hour off, so we only ended up spending a few minutes with them. Oh well. We still had fun at the zoo.


Emily liked it pretty well. She liked riding around in her stroller and being outside. She especially loved looking at the birds in the atrium and at the animals that were actually moving around. It was fun to watch her watch them move around. Her favorites were the cat, the tigers, the leopard, the chickens, and of course the birds. She also loved watching the other kids at the zoo. Ha!

On the way out, she had a MAJOR blowout. It was awful. So we had to ride all the way home with gross smelling clothes. I had an extra pair of PJs in the car, but I did not have a plastic bag to put the messy clothes in. Oops.

Anyway, I am excited to take her in a couple years when she can actually enjoy it more, and I can fulfill my dream of taking a small child to the zoo. :) (This time didn't count for that. Babies do not classify as small children. I would say ages 2-5 classify as small children.) But we still had a great time, and Em did really well for her first zoo trip.

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