Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Although Emily has been able to sit up by herself for a few weeks now, she was never content to sit and play with her toys. But last week, she started to like it all of a sudden. It's like a dream come true! And it's so cute to watch her sit there and play. She loves to peek inside her toy basket and get something out. Then she examines it, turns it over, and puts it in her other hand to look at. And then it usually goes into her mouth. It's so funny! Sometimes she'll shake it off to the side and put it down and go for the next toy. Anyway, I just think it's cute. Her favorite toys are her Christmas ribbon, her keys, her rocket toy (but only the flag on it), and her animal books. Oh, and she started saying "da-da" this week. So cute! I'm sure she has no clue what she is saying, just making a noise. Anyway, here's a little video of her playing with her toys.

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