Friday, February 25, 2011

Spit up

Emily has a major spit up problem. Seriously. She spits up ALL THE TIME. And I am sick of it. How long is that supposed to last? I am tired of smelling like spit up all day. I'm tired of her clothes and sheets always being wet and spitup-y. At least it mostly washes out. But she has permanently stained a few of her shirts. And mine. Especially when she spits up sweet potatoes or some other orange vegetable. She is such a centerpiece in our Sunday School class spitting up all over. The kids say, "Eeewww! Baby vomit!" Not to mention when she spits up all over the hymnbooks every week at church. And the benches. I would have thought she would have outgrown it by 7 months. How much longer do I have to smell like baby puke?

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Danielle said...

Try prevacid. My boys were both fairly spitty. This worked okay. It didn't cure them, but I noticed some difference. It seems like they were significantly less spitty after about 6 months and nothing once they hit one.