Monday, February 14, 2011

Which one?

So in my efforts to get back into race shape, I have signed up for two bike races to motivate me and give me something to train for. They are both women's only, and they sound really fun. The first is the Goldilocks Race, which is May 7 in Herriman. There are 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100-mile distance options. I'm aiming for the 60 mile. You can change the day of the race if you want though, so I may have to drop down to the 40. We'll see. I think there are still openings for this one if anyone wants to join me!

The second one is the Little Red Riding Hood race on June 4 in Logan.This one has distance options of 18, 36, 50, 80, and 100 miles. I haven't decided which I will do. If I can do 60 in May for the Goldilocks race, then I will aim for the 80 miles in this one. Otherwise I'll do the 50.

Anyway, I have kind of been wanting a biking jersey lately. I'm debating whether or not to buy a race-specific jersey from one of these 2 races. If you were me, which one would you choose?

Goldilocks Jersey

Little Red Riding Hood Jersey

Or should I get a non race-specific one?

As a side note, I got some biking shoes for Christmas. I like them. I've been using them on the trainer and in spin class since then. Well, since Saturday was a nice day, I thought I'd go for a ride outside. Matt made me practice getting my feet clipped in and out of the pedals in the grass behind our driveway before I went. One of the times though I couldn't get out in time and down I went. On the driveway. Oh well, at least now my first fall is over, right?

I've been trying to go to spin class at the gym. This morning I went and all the bikes were full. The teacher insisted I use his bike. You know, the one on the podium in front of everyone and in the spotlight. I felt so dumb! But I probably worked harder than ever since I didn't want to look like an even bigger idiot in front of everyone. Note to self: Get to spin class EARLY!

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