Monday, August 9, 2010

Out and about

I have decided that I really can not get a debilitating disease or have major surgery because I do not do well being so sedentary and home-bound. I am finally starting to feel better from the whole delivery thing so we have managed to get out a few times.

We went to my cousin Daniel's wedding reception and family BBQ.

It is a full-time job just to keep her clean! She is constantly spitting up all over herself. And me and Matt too. But at least she likes her baths.

We went up to the cabin for a day and stopped to see Emily's great-great granny Alta! Not many little girls still have a great-great granny. Grandma Alta loved holding Emily and made her a cute monkey blanket.

This is her favorite position...snuggled up on somebody's chest. She loved hanging out with Auntie Laurie at the cabin. She also loves being outside. She must take after her parents! Soon we'll be taking her hiking and stuff with us.

She does pretty well sleeping. We wrap her up in this burrito thing and she will sleep from about 10:30 to 3:30 and then again from about 4:30 to 7:30. It is still hard for me not to ever be able to sleep in though! But I am grateful that she only gets up once in the night.

Anyway, hopefully we will be able to get out a little more as I continue to heal and she gets older. It is definately different going from being so active and on-the-go to being at home by myself all day. But I'm glad I get to rest (sort of) for a little while.


Leserlee said...

She only wakes up once? That is awesome! I remember when I was thankful I only had to get up with Abigail three times a night. And last night I got out of bed three times to help Bryant, and he's almost TWO!!

The Graham Family! said...

She is SOOO adorable!! We did that same burrito wrap thing with Taylee! She loved it. And I agree.. it is awesome that she only wakes up once!! You are lucky, for sure. said...

Hi! your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will have to come and visit you soon if you need company Please let me know. I think that I will probably go through the same kind of thing with the adjustments that you have when I eventually get to the point you are at now...When I was playing mommy for a week babysitting my cousins what I missed the most I think was adult interaction! anyway - she is beautiful and so are you! love love!

Danielle said...

Wow, you are lucky, my boys still get up more than once during the nighT!! Maybe I should wrap them up like burritos! :) haha. She is darling.

The Woodland's said...

Emily is a doll! Glad you're starting to feel better and have been able to get up and about!

The Pen Pal said...

Strongly consider making an appointment with a professional photographer to take a four generation picture with great-grandmother.

Hopefully she's your maternal grandmother because having your father in that picture would be a little awkward and a bit off theme.

Wifey got one and it is prized.