Thursday, August 26, 2010


This week we were able to go up to the cabin. It was nice to have a change of scenery! Matt and I went on a lovely 4-wheeler ride while Emily went on a drive with her grandma and grandpa to look for deer. It was great!

Emily was able to wear her stinkin' cute froggy jammies. It has been too hot at our house to wear them. She's almost too big for them. Sad! She slept great...from like 10-4 and then 5-8. Too bad I couldn't sleep. :( She was great the whole time until about 2 hours before we left and then she was being a pill.

Here is my dad doing his relaxation exercises. He has to do all kinds of crazy therapy stuff for his bike wreck injuries. I even had to play catch with him while he stood on one foot. And he has to take memory tests and stuff. I hope he gets better soon!

Here I am making some yummy lunch!

And here is Emily being cute. Don't you just love those little tennis shoes? I think they are adorable. And again...too hot to wear them at home, so it was a good excuse for her to wear some of her warmer clothes up in the mountains before she grows out of them.

Anyway, I love going to the cabin and we figured out that Emily is the youngest person ever to visit the cabin! Yay!


The Woodland's said...

Emily looks soo cute in those outfits! Glad you were able to go and have fun!

Laura said...

I am in love with the frog pj's - I wish I had a pair!! said...

Hey! I am so glad that I can kind of stay updated with you through your blog! I love it! I miss you and our conversations! love you lots!