Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 Month

Hello! I am one month old! To celebrate my one-month birthday, I got dressed up in my Disneyland princess dress even though it is a little too big for me. I also took a long nap. At one month old I...

still have lots of hair
weigh about 10 pounds
love to be outside
love to snuggle and be held
love my tummy time
spit up a lot
have a lot of gas
usually only get up once in the night
like stroller rides
don't like my carseat
am getting stronger and can turn my head and stand my legs up
like to look at pictures on the walls
have 4 chins and am getting chubby

But of course I can also be SO unpredictable!

My mommy and daddy got me a baby swing for my one-month birthday. We borrowed one from the neighbors to see if I liked it and I did so they broke down and got me one of my very own.

Happy one-month birthday to me!

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