Sunday, November 15, 2009

Murder in the Wild West

This year's murder mystery came off pretty well considering that it was the day before we moved. The pictures didn't turn out the greatest, but oh well. It was still a lot of fun. The setting was the Wild West. I got this fun Wanted poster cutout from the party store.

But neither Matt or I was the killer.

Rebecca was Scarlett Ohlahlah, a saloon dancer.

Dave was General Custard, the leader of the calvary unit at Fort Dodgy. Here he is preparing his remarks.

I was supposed to be Jane Calamity, the private detective hired to solve the murder (aka...the hostess) but one of the characters got sick at the last minute so I had to take over her role as the saloon owner. If I would have known, I would have dressed the part. Oh well!

Dave was Juan Eye, the Mexican cowboy. He was hilarious! He talked in a Mexican accent the whole night and kept saying the funniest things.

Matt was Woody Box, the undertaker. He kept measuring everyone for their coffin size!

Danny was the Deputy Sherriff. I loved his was fantastic.

Anne was Yellow Flower, a local Indian. Here she is doing a rain dance. The best part was that this costume was her 2nd grade Halloween costume!

Jay was Ace Lender, the town banker.

And Caron was Marie McCousin, a local rancher. Here she is serenading Tom. (Selleck, that is.)

Stacey was Blaise F. Glory, a bounty hunter. She brought this cap gun and scared everyone when she shot it off.

We had a great Western dinner of chili and cornbread. I even made Wanted posters with everyone's pictures on them as decorations.

And the killer was....the cheating, lying banker.

Next year I will be sure to not have the party the day before I move so I can spend a little more time preparing. I've already had a request to make it a masquerade murder mystery so that should be interesting.
It was way fun though and I loved everyone's costumes and how much they got into it!

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Bekah said...

Love love love it. I did a masquarde this year the day before Halloween. IT was so so so fun. I even guessed who the murder was. We want to do another one so I'll prob be calling you soon.

Love you