Thursday, November 19, 2009

In 10 years...

You know how when you're in Young Womens or some simliar setting and they make you write a letter to yourself saying where you'll be in 10 years? Well, let me just tell you that what I wrote when I was 12, 18, and even 25 when I was coming home from my mission is not what ended up happening.

When I was in Young Womens I wrote things like go to college, get a good job, get married, be a mom--all before the age of 23 of course. And some other good goals like go to the temple, travel, be a good person, etc. When I came home from my mission, I wrote the same stuff . And a few other goals like be a writer, have a career, be active in the church, magnify my callings, learn new things, etc.

And 10 years later...I never expected to have to wait til the ripe old age of 28 to get married. I never expected to have to put my husband through grad school. I never expected to be going to grad school while working full-time. I never expected to have to wait til I'm at least 30 to be a mom with the possibility of having to be a working mom if we even do have kids before Matt graduates. I never expected to still be renting a place to live. All this wasn't part of the plan!

But I also never expected to go on a mission. Or move to Georgia. Or study abroad. Or change my career. Or run a marathon. Or have such great roommates. Or travel like I've been able to do and learn so much about other places and people. Or get masters degree. Or discover some of the talents that I have. And those things probably wouldn't have happened if my little 10-year plan had worked out.

Sometimes I just need to remember the 2nd list when I'm feeling frustrated about the 1st list. :)


Joella said...

I totally agree...the second list is the important one. Although I can always look back and realize this truth about our Young Women's lists...sometimes I have to remember to actually look at the second list rather than just looking at a list of "have nots". Thanks for the reminder!

The Graham Family! said...

I think every girl made that same first list it seems like! Funny thing is, none of us have control over that stuff.. the Lord does! Life is so unpredictable most of the time. You never know what might come next!