Monday, September 8, 2008

My joke backfired :(

In honor of football season starting, I thought I would play a little joke on Matt. I gave him this University of Utah keychain this weekend as a present in honor of Utah's first home game. But I switched out the little music box thing inside it so now it plays the BYU fight song instead of the Ute fight song. I thought I was being so funny! But he didn't even notice! He didn't even push the play button or use it at all. So much for my funny joke. :(


Leserlee said...

Sheesh. That's too bad. By the way, I was also a bit disappointed in the ending for Breaking Dawn. On the flipside, she left it wide open for a whole series about Jacob and Renesmee. We'll see. Have you read her book, The Host? That one was pretty good.

Matt said...

Oh, but I did play it and I was so disgusted by the sounds, and not being able to turn off, I out it under your pillow. Not very funny... :) Seems to me like the "war" is back on from a couple of months ago. :) Love you!