Friday, September 5, 2008

Fireside #2

So remember a few months ago when Matt's apartment building caught on fire? Well we almost had a repeat episode last night. This morning at 2:30 a.m. the fire alarms start going off. Matt checked all around our apartment and there was no fire and he couldn't turn off the alarms. Then Matt went outside and the whole building's alarm was going off. So we put on our jackets and flip flops, grabbed a flashlight and went outside.

We searched around our apartment building for signs of fire, but there were none to be found. The other residents from our building were outside too, wondering what was going on. Then we discovered that the other buildings in our complex had their fire alarms going off too. Weird!

So the fire truck shows up and tell us there is no fire there, but there was a fire at the power plant, which somehow made everyone's fire alarms go off. It took awhile for the fireman to figure out how to turn off the alarm.

It was quite the night. But at least there was no fire.


Lively's said...

That is scary! Seriously I told your mother in law that...Matt has bad luck when it comes to apartments. Us too! I don't know if you knew this but my car was stolen twice at our first apartment not to mention a hit and run that totaled Aaron's car. Crazy! Glad there was no Fire! By the way you need to vote on my Blog! Like Today! :)

The Graham Family! said...

Wow.. I wouldn't have been able to go back to sleep after being woke up by fire alarms at that time of night! Not fun! Glad there wasn't a fire tho.. that would be aweful!

Mindy said...

Sounds like things around you two are pretty HOT!!! Really though, glad you didn't have to desmokeafy things twice.