Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love the fair

Last weekend we visited the Utah State Fair. It was great fun. I love the fair! It's one of my favorite things about fall. Matt had never been to the fair before, so we had to give him a good initiation. We saw the Tiger show and went to the rodeo (just in time to see the very last bull rider).

We saw the prize-winning livestock.

And even petted some sheep and goats.

We saw the prize-winning produce, although we had to search long and hard for it because it was moved from it's usual spot.

We indulged in some fair food. I even found "America's best corn dog". We rode the big yellow slide and watched the carnies and square dancers.

We went to see the butter cow. Every year they make a different cow sculpture out of butter! Crazy! I keep suggesting that they sculpt a cow jumping over Delicate Arch, but I have yet to see that one.

Then we got sucked in by the carnies and had to play a couple fair games.

Matt won these cute little tigers by tossing a ping pong ball into a floating bowl. I've never had anyone win me a stuffed animal at the fair before.

Then he won this little fish by throwing a ring around a rubber duckie. We spent a total of $2 on the games and won 3 animals! Yay for Matt! We also just spent some time looking around and people watching. You always see the most interesting people at the fair. We did not go to the freak show because it looked rather disturbing. Anyway, we had a great time. I do love the fair!


caron said...

heel clicks! we didn't do heel clicks!!

Christy said...

I did heel clicks on the way out of the fair. But that was when I wasn't with you. :(

Lively's said...

That fair looks much better than the south jordan fair. Anyhoo Kyle's thing is at 4:00 now and there will be dinner! It is at this time so Eileen can come and go before it gets dark.

Kristen said...

I love the fair! I didn't see the produce because I couldn't find it - sad! I wsa able to see the Horse Pull - a new favorite of mine thanks to the Brady family!


you guys are soo fun! your kids are going to be so lucky you guys are fun machines