Monday, September 15, 2008

A compliment goes a long way

Today I was reminded of the importance of giving compliments. I was in the locker room turning in my gym clothes after my workout and the girl at the clothing counter looked at me and exuberantly said, "You're beautiful! Seriously, you are so pretty."

It totally made my day. I was feeling kinda crummy about myself today and then a complete stranger turned it around by saying just one thing. So I now have a resolve to give out more compliments--and to compliment complete strangers while I'm at it.

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Lively's said...

I love compliments! Especially when it's from a stranger...okay that doesn't sound good! Anyhoo check out my blog so you can find out why my toilet wasn't working! :)
Kyle says thanks for the b-day present by the way! Tell Matt thanks for not giving him a 6 pack!