Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gold medals, free stuff and student discounts

I won the gold medal at my work Olympics! Yay for me! To get a gold medal, I had to run 60 miles and swim 10,000 yards from July 7 to August 30. And I made it! I actually ended up running 64 miles and swimming 10,250 yards. All while planning a wedding, getting married, and moving into a new apartment. So now I'm an Olympian and $50 richer. Hurray for prizes!

We discovered this weekend that you can get free BluRay rentals at Hollywood video. Score!

I started my 3rd semester of grad school at the U last week. And BYU starts today, which means the students that I work with are back and work will get crazy again. Good thing I like what I do cuz this also means I will be super busy until about mid-December. But it doesn't mean I don't want to be invited to stuff. I need a break for socializing still!

Want to know the best thing about being a grad student? Student discounts! Yesterday we got into the aquarium for $2 off each ticket all because of my little student ID. I do find it a little ironic though that I use my free student bus pass from the U to ride the bus to work at BYU every day. And Matt uses my employee discount from BYU to get his bus pass so he can ride the train to work in Ogden every day. Oh the irony!

And, last but not least...I have decided to run a marathon. Next May. In Ogden. I hear it's a good one for beginners. Anyone interested in running it with me? I need some motivational training partners. Thanks to Allison who is my one recruit so far. C'mon...if I can try it anyone can! Please?


Leserlee said...

Hooray for free stuff, discounts and prizes. Wait until you have kids and get free diaper bags and formula and stuff from the hospital, pediatrician and what not. Nice.

caron said...

I have one word for you- CRAZY. I'm all about supporting the marathon thing, but I will not be participating. Although I am reconsidering training for a half. we'll see how things go. This morning I struggled running 3 miles.

Christy said...

I have a few recruits for the half in Ogden in May. Do you want my training program? :)

caron said...

maybe. I need to get back to running MORE than once a week again. Stupid stalker...