Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday adventures in LA

Since we don't get to go to our parents' or grandma's house on Sunday afternoon/evenings anymore or have any family to get together with on Sundays, we sometimes get bored and lonely. I am trying to get over this and improve our Sundays. So a couple weeks ago I suggested we drive to the LA temple grounds and visitors center.

It was beautiful! The grounds were amazing and the kids loved it. The temple is huge! I want to go inside sometime while we are here.

Emmy LOVED all the flowers and tried to smell them all.

Zach of course tried to open all the doors.

Emmy thought rolling down the hill was great.

Zach also loved jumping off all the benches.

Seriously it was gorgeous and we had a great time. It was worth the 3 hours we spent in the car driving there and back.

Love my little family!

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