Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We had a fun May! Of course we went to Disneyland a couple of times. Zach was cracking me up all day one of the times we went. Here he was saying, "Look Mom, I have a rope on my head!" He can be a funny kid sometimes.

A gorgeous sunset on our way back to the car.

We have a "no food on the carpet" rule. Sometimes the kids want to eat a snack while they watch something. So this is their solution....scoot their chairs right up next to the carpet. Ha!

Emmy's class had some duck eggs in an incubator for about 3 weeks in their classroom. Emmy got to watch 3 of the ducks hatch. They kept the baby ducks in their classroom for a week after they hatched. Emmy loved it!

They got to hold them and play with them every day. So cute!

They were playing some game and called the rug in the front entry way "Zachary Island" Ha!

We pool sat for the neighbors again. The pool was a bit cold, but that didn't stop these fish.

One of the days we were over swimming, these stunt planes were practicing for an air show. It was awesome! We watch all their tricks right from the pool. We had a great view!

May=blueberry picking!

Of course they picked like $12 worth of blueberries and proceeded to eat them in 1 day. These kids love their berries!

Emmy's writing is so cute. Here she is talking about wanting to be a doctor when she grows up because they get to stay up all night and earn lots of money.

Zach finished his first year of speech preschool. His teachers, Miss Sue and Miss Rachel were awesome! He has progressed so much in his speech. A year ago when we first moved here, he could barely say anything. Now he's talking up a storm. It has been really good for him. He's going to go to a different class next year, but we'll miss his awesome teachers!

Emmy's class put on an adorable Memorial Day program. They wore red, white and blue and sang patriotic songs. They have seriously done so many cute things this year.

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