Friday, April 1, 2016

Disneyland Easter egg hunt

Springtime in California is gorgeous. The blooms, the smells, the warm weather, the blue's just beautiful. And of course, springtime at Disneyland is amazing. These trees are just gorgeous.

Matt and I got to go on a Disneyland date while my parents were here. It was so fun to go by ourselves without the kids.

This churro funnel cake was amazing.

Over spring break, I took the kids to ride the new Luigis ride in Cars Land. It was pretty fun.

And we did the Easter egg hunt. The kids had a blast finding the eggs. You get a map that tells you where to look for the eggs and then you put a sticker on the map when you find one. Then you get a prize.

The eggs were probably about a foot or two tall and put in places where you can see them but can't really get to them.

Then you got to pick a small character egg after the map was full. We did one in Disneyland and one in California Adventure. They also have one in Downtown Disney, but we didn't do that one.

It was really fun!

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