Monday, April 25, 2016


Our stake had an Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. It was pretty fun, but we missed the big Riverton egg hunt. The stake provided lunch and some activities along with the egg hunt. I forgot the Easter baskets so they had to use grocery bags. Whoops!

We did baskets and stuff on Saturday. The kids got a little candy, new outfits, books, and Emmy got a kite and Zach got bubbles. I didn't do new church clothes this year because they didn't really need any. They needed new regular clothes.

Sunday we tried to focus on the Savior, but I got really homesick and I was sad. I tried to make a nice Easter dinner, but the ham was gross and no one ate it. Oh well, at least the kids looked cute.

Later that week we went to the park to fly Emmy's new kite. She loved it!

And now she asks every day if it's windy enough to fly her kite. Haha!

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