Thursday, August 13, 2015

The last of summer

Although the summer weather is far from over, Emmy started school this week so we tried to fill up the last few weeks of "summer" with fun stuff. We hit the beach and Disneyland a few times, and went swimming. We put Emmy in another round of swimming lessons, and we ate lots of berries! We had a torrential rainstorm that was as good as any pool, and we finally found a shave ice place.  Happy Summer!

 We love our berries around here!

 We've been going to Disneyland about once a week or every other week. So fun! We even met up with Auntie Ginxie one day who took the kids for a few hours so Matt and I could have a Disney date. Thank you!!

 Emmy was super excited to meet Minnie and Olaf. She has been having fun with my autograph book too--getting all the characters' autographs. Zach was so cute with Minnie. He kept wanting to kiss her nose. It was adorable...I wish I would have gotten a picture. He also loved Olaf's carrot nose and wanted to kiss it too!
 We had a giant rainstorm and Emmy played in it like it was a swimming pool. She LOVED it and was so excited to put on her suit and go nuts.
 We found a raspberry patch and picked $20 worth of raspberries and then proceeded to eat them all within about 4 days. Delicious!
 Emmy spread out all the blankets on the floor and they had a "dance party". Ha!
 We finally found shave ice within 20 minutes of our house! I was dying with no shave ice all summer.

We put Emmy in another session of swimming lessons. This time she was brave enough to jump off the diving board. She has made some great improvements. I am excited to see her learning to swim.

And that about wraps up our summer.

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