Thursday, January 22, 2015


Zach has been getting into more mischief lately. He has learned how to turn on the sink. So he goes in there and "brushes his teeth" several times a day and gets water everywhere! He has also learned to open doors. Even the ones to outside. One time when I was going to a meeting, he came running out of the garage after me in his bare feet!

He also loves to open the fridge. And leave it open. And take everything out of the cupboards. And put everything from my bathroom drawer into the laundry basket.

Oh and he loves to open and close doors and cupboards. Especially at church. What a stinker!

He and Emmy decided to "help" me do my yoga one morning.

It reminded me why I choose to get up early to exercise before they wake up.

But I do love these little sillies.

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